i’m surprised my follower count isn’t down to zero now wow

anyway hi, i’ve been gone awhile and i’m back to say feel free to unfollow because I don’t really plan on using this blog much ever again. I don’t play AC a lot anymore and quite frankly, I got very tired of the fandom. thank you to those who stuck around this long, but you may leave. be free, my lovelies~


On a similarly exciting note, 3/4 of my museum exhibits are completed!! I caught the final fish and deep sea creature last night. The art exhibit has a looong way to go, though.

I’ve never had her in any town in any game but I convinced her to move to my NL town and I juST AM SO EXCITED.

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I made a really crappy orz Hunger Games Katniss cutout board design. It’s simple, but it works. If this has taught me anything, it’s that I do not know how to draw flames. Feel free to use, just don’t remove the source please!

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K.k. lament - Music Box version

ok but hear me out

re-tail but for able’s clothing and accessories 

Made a second character and I have big plans for her house, ooh boy. I also based her after one of my favorite book characters (birthday the same and everything) but that’s not really important.

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then why didn’t you?

then why didn’t you?

Music box room i’m working on :)

Music box room i’m working on :)